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We service and replace all types of TPMS sensors in Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Emsworth, Fareham

TPMS SENSOR . Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) constantly monitor tyre pressures using tyre sensors in all four tyres and alert the driver with a visual and/or audible warning if there is any change in pressure.

Most sensors use a 3v lithium ion battery, which is embedded into the sensor body, to ensure it is secure and not susceptible to flying loose in the tyre. Because the battery is embedded once it loses power the only option is to replace the entire unit.

What happens when the battery dies?

When the battery fails, it will stop transmitting to the receiver and becomes inoperable. When the ECU fails to receive this data it will wait a short period before alerting the driver via the warning system of failure.

Some vehicles will indicate which wheel is at fault where others will simply illuminate the warning symbol.

It is very common and expected that all the sensors will fail at around the same time, as they should have all had the same workload. However it is common that if there has been a repeated issue with just one wheel then the sensor would have sent data more frequently and would drain quicker than the rest.

Replacing all the sensors before or when one fails, will help avoid last minute expense and panic when the vehicle MOT is due. Many vehicles are now covered by the new MOT rules and require no warning lights to be present at the time of the test.

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