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12 Winter Driving Tips

Posted on by admin

Winter conditions can seem harsh for even the most experienced driver. It is no walk in the park to keep your car under control on slippery and icy roads. Sometimes, it may seem like Mother Nature has a grudge on you, given that all that low temperature, high wind, fog, and heavy snowfall seems to … Continue reading

How to Clean your Car’s Engine

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

When you think about cleaning your car, you may think of usa bucket, sponge and soapy water used to make sure your car is nice and shiny. However, one perhaps underestimated aspect of cleaning your is the cleaning of the engine. The engine does most of the work while you are driving and as a … Continue reading

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

Often forgotten or left until it’s too late, having the correct tyre pressure is incredibly important for the road safety of any vehicle. Whether you drive a sports car or a family saloon, tyre pressure plays a huge part in the handling and traction of your vehicle, making it imperative for the safety of you … Continue reading

Common Tyre Problems

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

Any problem involving your car can be an expensive inconvenience, but it would seem that tyre problems are one of the most common we have to deal with in everyday life. How can I spot tyre problems? Some tyre problems can be spotted a mile off, and some will evade you until a trained mechanic … Continue reading

Dangers of Incorrect Wheel Alignment

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

Accurate wheel alignment on a car is vital as ultimately the direction of the wheels dictates the direction the car will move. Therefore, problems with the wheels will bring up many safety issues for the driver and those on the road, so it’s important to spot the signs of incorrect wheel alignment and be proactive … Continue reading

3 Common Car Problems and How to Avoid Them

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

Everybody loves a holiday but the truth of the matter is that not everyone can afford to go and fly off to their favourite destination. The rest of us need to stick a little closer to home. In such cases a lovely trip by car is a great alternative. Not only can you save some … Continue reading

5 Driving Habits that Save You Money

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

There is more to saving money when driving than fuel saving. Car parts can be expensive, so adapting your driving style to make them last longer can save you a lot of money in the long term. Here are five driving habits that can see you prolonging the life of your car parts and save … Continue reading

Signs You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

There are many things you may already check on your vehicle as a matter of course, like how much fuel is left, as it is vital to you completing your journey, but it is important not to overlook other elements such as your brakes, which are imperative for your safety. If you overlook this, your … Continue reading

How to Check Your Tyre Tread

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of road safety, but the importance of having sufficient tyre tread depth on your vehicle cannot be overstated. Tyre tread is vital in ensuring that your vehicle grips the road properly and does not skid out of control, and when your … Continue reading

MOTs – Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on by Hilsea Tyres Team

MOT tests are something that nearly all road users have to experience in their driving lives, but the exact details of a test can be quite confusing. This article will look at some of the key points of an MOT test to help you gain a better understanding of what the test is and why … Continue reading